内蒙古巴林右旗1000多牧民因土地问题向政府提出抗议 / 内モンゴルバーリン右旗の牧民たちは土地問題で地元政府に抗議
Ovormongolyn Bairan Baruun hosuuny Shyaaaarmuren sumiin 1000 iluu malchid gazar nutagyn margaanaas bolj hoshuu zasagt goldol meduulen esergutsel gargalaa hemeen medeelj baina. 2011. 07.18


No.1421 2011/07/23(Sat) 14:29:15

Fresh Protest by Mongolian Herders, Dozens Hospitalized / SMHRIC
resh Protest by Mongolian Herders, Dozens Hospitalized

July 23, 2011
New York
A fresh protest by Mongolian herders erupted in Southern (Inner) Mongolia's Bairin Right Banner ("Ba Lin You Qi" in Chinese) Sharmurun Som ("Xi La Mu Lun Su Mu" in Chinese) on July 18, 2011. More than 1000 Mongolian herders protested against the local government for allowing a Chinese millionaire surnamed Sui to illegally grab a large piece of their grazing land for cultivation. Reportedly, Sui hired more than 200 Chinese to kill dozens of livestock with their heavy vehicles and bulldozers and to beat up local Mongolian herders who resisted her occupation of their land.

Mr.Baatar, a local herder, was brutally beaten up by these Chinese on the morning of July 18, while he was tending his sheep on his grazing land. According to his wife Ms.Yintoor, with a broken skull and serious brain injuries Baatar was taken to a hospital in Tianshan Township of the neighboring Ar-Horchin Banner. After a four-day emergency treatment, Baatar is still in critical condition. Dozens others were hospitalized at the Bairin Right Banner Hospital. The health condition of the hospitalized remains unknown.

Government officials of Sharmurun Som and Bairin Right Banners were called to an urgent meeting to quell the protest. Nearly three hundreds riot police and government officials were dispatched by the Som and Banner governments to crack down on the protest.

"Yes, more than twenty herders from Sharmurun Som have been hospitalized here," an employee of the Bairin Right Banner Hospital told the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC), "they were injured during the clash with the Chinese on July 18."

"I was on the scene. Angry herders protested strongly against those Chinese thugs hired by Sui to kill the livestock grazing on the land," a Mongolian from the Sharmurun Som who asked not to be identified confirmed to SMHRIC over the phone and expressed his strong support to the herders, "it is a natural response of anyone to resist when someone occupies your land, kills your livestock and beats you up."

Mongolian bloggers called on Mongols to stand up against the Chinese to defend their rights in the face of tightened Internet censorship by the authorities whose main concern is to prevent widespread dissemination of information. Many bloggers called for large-scale protests to demand the Chinese authorities to punish those Chinese who violated the rights of the Mongols.

"After the death of Mr. Mergen that ignited the large scale protests in May, this is another serious case in which again Mongolian herders risked their lives for defending their land," an online appeal letter rallied the Mongolians to protest in solidarity, "we have been impoverished; we have lost our lands to the Chinese; we have been plundered of our natural resources; our livestock are perishing; many of us have become homeless on our own lands. We are treated with no dignity. We must stand up to defend our human rights rather than being silently killed by the Chinese army".

"Bairin Right Banner is home to more than 80,000 Mongolians most of whom are herders," Mr. Tumenulzii Buyanmend, a well-known dissident writer from Bairin Right Banner who went into exile in Mongolia and arrived in the United States recently said during an interview with SMHRIC, "I call on our fellow Bairin Mongolians as well as Mongolian brothers and sisters from other banners across Southern Mongolia to launch a long-term large-scale nonviolent resistance movement to defend their rights."

Many Mongolian bloggers complained that their posts regarding the incident have been removed without their consent. Photos posted on the social networking sites including Baidu Tieba (http://tieba.baidu.com/index.html) and Ren Ren (www.renren.com) were quickly removed by Chinese Internet censors. Through other channel SMHRIC was able to obtain four photos taken at the scene.

No.1422 2011/07/23(Sat) 22:06:15
(No Subject) / malchiniierh
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No.1420 2011/07/22(Fri) 12:15:17
(No Subject) / malchiniierh
M偶K訳訳ツ キ `」 セx呪u マ裂Km B Mx受褫xツ セxxc躍m ホy受テv C cIv ロxm空 メyu セ タ躍g偶c Ec v ^x候ツ xx躍Iv C ッg訳c躍u ッxK訳 マ裂p 7 Mxu q空ツ 20 }c躍u M偶K空ツ 訳躍I r呪Dx 訳ツ M偶K訳訳ツ キ ゚躍Q空訳ツ ロxcxツ ゚躍Q空 N躍E q空ツ 琢xc q空ツ 濯モ烈v xgxxツ AxKg空ツ M B マ裂Jx 訳ツ rxメ{ツ セ空ツ ッu hxQxDxI hxC xx鴣 ッo `」 セ セケvR XQツ rg偶pツ _躍E AxQ空ツ Xxメ候ツ vm マキケct q Xxxw空ツ rJxm C xgt ゚躍pu ッu Xxxw空Qxツ マ裂I MxトxEQxu ッ v m 濯呪Kxm マ裂K鴣 マ裂Kメyg rxメ{ツ c訳ツ ッu セ空 hx Xxxw空テv c e空ト j躍w空躍ct q空ツ Ec v ホ倖Q ッu nx n橈C マ烈 \ B訳ノ躍I タ躍c訳 Xu メ{ツ B訳ノ躍I キE訳ツ Xxxw空躍Km ホy呪Iv C 琢c ホKg空u Xu メ{ツ ホy受v Xxモ烈ツ ゚躍Q空 AxI セ Nカx訳 偶qxu セ Xxxw空鴣 マ裂K躍Iv C
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No.1419 2011/07/22(Fri) 12:13:46
Free Hada! / ovor mongol
(博讯北京时间2011年7月13日 首发 - 支持此文作者/记者)


内蒙古(南蒙古)的哈达先生、妻子新娜和他们的儿子威勒斯现在全部在内蒙古被监禁中。哈达是1995年12月10日在家里被逮捕的,后被判处15徒刑关监直到2010年12月10日刑满,但是他至今仍被监禁在一个秘密的地方,15年半来他一直没有任何自由。他的爱妻新娜和儿子威勒斯在久盼回家的夫君和思念的爸爸就要15年刑满的时候,爸爸没回来而自己却一下子被失踪了。时至今日新娜和威勒斯分别被监禁在不同的看守所已经超过7个月了。 (博讯 boxun.com)





老人家对记者确认了哈达最近又被判了5年的刑期。至于罪状,她认为是“不认罪的罪”。记者回答说:“那再不认罪的话,5年后是不是再判个 ‘不认罪的罪的罪’呢? ”她笑了,但是说:“他们不按法律办事。”记者已经提出并等待搞清楚哈达再次被判刑的具体情况和关押的监狱等。



联络王宁先生F66889966z@gmail.com [博讯首发,转载请注明出处]- 支持此文作者/记者(博讯 boxun.com)

No.1418 2011/07/21(Thu) 13:01:40
Taliigaach Mergnii amiiig horooson yaltany yaliig heveer batlav / Northnews.cn



No.1417 2011/07/15(Fri) 21:19:05
达赖到访自由亚洲电台谈人权 / Dalai lam RFA-d Mongol helnii nevtruulgiin tuhai sanal bolgov
Dalai lam RFA-d ailchlahdaa : ...Hyatadyn 3 tom oortoo zasah oron , Tuvd, Uyhgur,Ovoromngold 2008, 2009 on ba ene jild boslogo garlaa. 3 bus nutag ni ijilhen ongorolttoi tul ah duus shig boltsogooson.... RFA ni Tuvd. Uyhgur helnii nevtruulgetei. Odoo Mongol helnii nevtruulegtei boloh bolson gej aildsan baina.





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No.1416 2011/07/12(Tue) 17:47:51
Dalai lam RFA iin tovoor zochilj yariltslaga ogov. / 达赖喇嘛到访自由亚洲电台总部(视频)
Dalai lam RFA iin tovoor zochilj yariltslaga ogov.
: Ovormongolchuud ch sayahan eserguutsen bosch oorsdiinhoo durguitselee ilerheilev. Bi tedend handaj helmeer baina.Bi tednii ( Ovormongolchuudyn) zorigiig bishirch baina. ted itgeltei baih heregtei. Buh yun oorchlogdoh yum...














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No.1415 2011/07/12(Tue) 10:22:00
Bayar naadamyn shuud damjuulj baina / モンゴル国ナーダム生放送
Watch live video from mglradio5 on ja.justin.tv
No.1414 2011/07/11(Mon) 15:31:47
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